Favourite Scottish Terrier Picture Books

Scottish Terrier-owning blogger, Julie of Bricolage, is picking up her new wheaten Scottie puppy this weekend and in anticipation of the big day, she has a nostalgic post on Children’s Scottie books complete with lots of fabulous illustrations. The books featured are Angus and the Cat, Angus and the Ducks, and Angus Lost, all by Marjorie Flack, as well as Jock and Jill, illustrated by Morgan Dennis and written by Maida Huneker.

The Angus books are all available on Amazon, but Jock and Jill, alas, is not.

3 thoughts on “Favourite Scottish Terrier Picture Books

  1. I’ve collected children’s books for many years — and of Scottie featured lit you’ve named four of the best!

    In addition, M.Flack wrote a fourth Angus book – “Angus and Wagtail Bess”. It was printed later than the first three Angus books and, I think, it was a UK only publication. It is VERY hard to find and pricey. BTW – Bess, from the title, is an Airedale.

    Jock and Jill is hard to find as well, so the search continues.

    Thanks for putting the spotlight on these great “Kid Reads”

  2. Thanks for the extra info on the books! I know my mom has a copy of Angus and Wagtail Bess – or at least a book about Wagtail Bess alone. Hopefully my mom might share – or at least I can have a second pair of eyes searching for a copy for me!

    I have another book illustrated by Marjorie Flack called Scamper – it is a book about a rabbit that goes to the white house. There is one illustration of a scottie named Sandy, but that’s it!

    I have some more scottie books I will be posting about down the road…

  3. My grandchildren love the McDuff series by Rosemary Wells and Susan Jeffers. It is a wonderful series of childrens books that after a few times of being read to them, they like to read them back to you. McDuff is a Westie that has a friend named Marie (a scottie) and they have great adventures,

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