Hamish the Scottie acts as rescue foster Dad

The Scottish Terrier and Dog News hasn’t had a rescue story in a long time — way too long actually.

So here is the autobiography of Hamish Clegg, not a rescue dog, but a member of a family that takes in and fosters rescue Scottish Terriers until they are ready for their forever homes. His first rescue trip was to get Bonnie:

On the return journey Bonnie settled into ‘camper van’ life and started to ‘bond’ with the family. Once we got home she was much more reserved and hid behind the settee or stayed in the bedroom away from the family. However, within days she started to become more adventurous and moved around the house. Day by day I saw her confidence increase and then a strange thing happened, her tail started to rise and become straight, like mine.

2 thoughts on “Hamish the Scottie acts as rescue foster Dad

  1. few things are more gratifying than rescuing a dog and seeing it develop into a healthy, happy, confident being. I’ve watched the transformation a few times- I have rescued (some may call it “stolen”) 12 dogs from various severe situations and found new homes for them. Makes the heart grow larger. Love to hear other stories, of which there are MANY! thankfully.

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