Monday cuteness: Scottie with Pomeranian puppy

Wow, Midnight the Scottish Terrier is just so sweet and gentle with Twinkle, the feisty little Pomeranian puppy.

My dog Bridget has a very low puppy tolerance threshold. She snaps at them if they display even the faintest interest in her and otherwise completely ignores them.

Anyone else worried about Twinkle being on the couch or am I being overly cautious?

And while we’re on the subject of the couch, how brave is it to have dogs and a white couch?

For more Scottish Terrier and Scottie Dog videos, click on the video label directly below.

3 thoughts on “Monday cuteness: Scottie with Pomeranian puppy

  1. This is so cute. As to the concern for the dogs being on the couch, most dogs are pretty resiliant to falling off the furniture. After multiple times of the Scottie falling off the couch while they play, when the little one falls off at the very end, the “thud” is kind of humorous. Kind of like…”That’s all, folks!” 🙂

  2. I think if your dog is a Westie, a white couch wouldn’t be too bad as far as shedding goes. However, I think anyone that owns white furniture and has pets or children is very very brave.

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