More terriers with television issues

As a follow-up to our Friday post on a West Highland Terrier who loves television but is no couch potato, the Scottie News is linking to this report on another active TV-watching dog.

Our Scottish Terrier Ruby (18 months) attacks the television whenever there are any type of action programs on. She reacts especially to animals. The only programs she doesn’t react to are talk shows and certain game shows. She goes after most commercials, too. She becomes very agitated and growls, jumps and charges at the television. It all started with the Mucinex ads and has gotten worse. She just sits in front of the tv and waits for the animals and other action and then goes crazy.

The thread contains plenty of suggestions on how to deal with the problem.

Here’s the excitement-inducing Mucinex commercial:

3 thoughts on “More terriers with television issues

  1. That’s funny… a friend of mine also has that problem. Her Cairn terrier (also named Ruby) attacks the tv no matter what is on, except for cooking shows and disney movies. My boys (Scottie and Westie) pay no attention to what is on the television.

  2. When our Scottie was about 6 months old, her father came for a two week vacation. The first time he walked into the family room, he jumped onto the sofa, put his arm on the armrest and stared at the t.v. waiting for my husband to turn it on. After a few pokes, he not only had my husband trained, but he also had his dogger (daughter) hooked on t.v. She likes to watch everything. We have her mostly trained not to charge the t.v., but she occassionally just can’t resist it.

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