Scottie dogs accused of soiling governor’s carpets

Kathleen O’Brien, a columnist for the New Jersey Star Ledger, has leapt to the defense of former Governor Christine Todd Whitman’s Scottish Terriers. The doges were accused by Dina Matos, Whitman’s successor’s wife, of having soiled the carpets in Drumthwacket, the governor’s mansion, so badly they had to be replaced.

Complete and utter claptrap Whitman’s spokeswoman, Heather Grizzle, told O’Brien. “They had one of their dogs down for a week, and they realized it didn’t work out, and they never brought it to Drumthwacket again.”

The dog, a Scottish terrier named Tokai, resumed living at Pontefract, the Whitman family estate. Whitman’s dog pack also includes Coors, the mother of first dog Barney, who was given as a gift to President George W. Bush just before he named Whitman administrator of the EPA.

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  1. Uh, I don’t think you can trust the judgment and perceptiveness of Dina Matos…she didn’t even know her husband was gay.

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