Scottie News is racing after today’s stories

Fiddy was stunned to discover his brother was actually “Super Scottie”, originally uploaded by victornado.

Meanwhile here’s a photo from one month of the Pittsburgh Scottie puppies at nine weeks.


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8 thoughts on “Scottie News is racing after today’s stories

  1. Being a Pittsburgher, I love seeing the “Pittsburgh Scotties”… they are so adorable. I wonder what part of Pittsburgh they are from?

  2. As a part time “Burgher”. I am also enjoying the mystique of the Pittsburgh Scotties and the Pittsburgh readers of “Scottish Terrier and Dog News”. I was walking my Scottie downtown in Pittsburgh two weeks ago and was stopped on the street by a passer-by who wanted to know if Brigadoon was a Scottish Terrier. “Why- yes!” I replied with pride. The man said that his boss was getting a Scotty puppy that weekend and was wondering about stripping. And I told him very authoratatively (SP?) about the Carnegie Mellon Scottie, Maggie and that Maggie’s breeder had said that she did not think that stripping would be required. Thus confirming I was a full-fleged nut- but the whole time I was talking to the guy, I kept wondering- “I wonder if his boss is adopting a Pittsburgh Scottie?!?”

  3. They are too cute! Nice to see Fiddy has wonky ears too (one falling forward and the other backwards). When I took Mac to the vet for his first check up I was told his would stay like that. Thankfully they straightened up! Is this common with scotties?

  4. Abby had floppy ears as a pup. My Scottie Club friends said that when all the adult teeth came in they would stay up, and they were right!

  5. Since the tykes were whelped in my living room I can answer the question regarding what part of Pittsburgh they are from: Monroeville.

    We are thrilled that they all found fantastic new parents close to home.

    There are two in the South Hills (Fiddy and MacIntosh aka Milk Chin and Tippy). Duffy (Mr. Green) is residing in Murrysville. Our little girl, Resl, dominates a home in Greensburgh. Winston (Mr. White) is keeping a family in Ligonier on their toes. Last but certainly not least, our dear Blue now named Milton lives in Aurora, Ohio.

    We’re looking forward to our Scottie-Rama picnic at Twin Lakes, Greensburg on September 13th because many of our “kids” will be in attendance!

    If you would like more info about the picnic feel free to email me at

    President, Greater Pittsburgh Scottish Terrier Club

  6. Actually, Fiddy (Fiddy is just what I call him when he’s being good and Glenfiddich – his full name – all the other times) did have “wonky” ears, but are perfectly straight now. And to answer the question about where he’s from, we live in the South Hills of Pittsburgh. He is a joy to be around and makes every day interesting. He is getting bigger and more interactive everday, but still enjoys running and jumping.

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