Scottish Terrier beach video for the dog days

There’s not a whole lot of Scottish Terrier news these days so kick back and enjoy this video of Scottie dogs, Oatie and Paige, having fun at Huntington Doggie Beach, CA, on July 4th, 2003.

For those of you who only watch these videos for the Scottish Terriers, be warned — the second minute is mostly a lab-type mutt frolicking in the waves, but the Scotties do come back.

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5 thoughts on “Scottish Terrier beach video for the dog days

  1. A Lab-type mutt?! Labs are the top dogs in the U.S. and U.K. and for a very good reason – they are by far the easiest to train and smartest dogs out there. I know what I speak of as being the owner of 2 Labs and one Scottie. Both are wonderful dogs but not to be compared. It would be like comparing apples and oranges.

  2. I didn’t mean that as a slur against lab-type mutts.I love mutts, honest I do.

    As for training labs, three words: Marley and Me.

  3. Hee hee Marley and Me was a good book that’s for sure.
    All I can say from MY experience is that Labs are by far easier to housebreak, etc. than my Scottie was by leaps and bounds and all Labs want to do is please you. But I love them all dearly! I would trade my beautiful Labs or my furry little Scottie for anything. : )

  4. I won’t argue with you about house training a Scottie. It was a long process, but now that it’s over, there are no accidents at our house.

    As a rule, I do think bigger dogs are way easier too housetrain.

    And as far as I can tell, Chihuahuas are the absolute worst. They seem to piddle in the house all the time and never get trained.

    Of course, Chihuahua lovers are welcome to set the record straight if they think I’m stereotyping.

  5. I just loved the video it was so nice to see the dogs frolicking and playing….now I have had big dogs too a Dobbie and two Rottie’s and they were indeed easy for housetraining but I must have lucked out with my Scottie she was a BREEZE my Westie was the hard one…glad to say even in their old age they are perfect

    The videos and pictures you share are priceless thanks for what you do!!!!!!

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