Scottish Terrier dog protected by owner’s will

The Orange County Register reports on how to ensure that your dogs will be cared for if you die before they do:

Suzan Snider’s 7-year-old Scottish terrier is much loved. Snider and her husband think the world of the white dog and want only the best for him. But there was a problem.

“I have a family that would not take him,” Snider said. “You think you’re going to outlive your pets. … I have two daughters, and neither one would take him. They have kids, and he’s not too kid-friendly.”

Snider eventually decided to leave money to a friend to care for Duffy.

“I figured how much it would cost,” she told the OC Register. Figuring that Duffy would live to be 15 (“That’s pretty average”), she looked at the costs of grooming, food and vet care, and set that amount aside for her friend to use for his care in the will she created on

Of course, you shouldn’t just leave money to a friend without discussion. Whether you’re using a will or a pet trust to provide for your pet, it’s vital to talk to the people who will be charged with the pet’s care. Make sure they’re willing to take on the task.