Was anyone else aware of this betrayal?

Update: The comments lead me to believe this post was misleading. This is not a new poster but rather a vintage one that was brought to the Scottie News‘ attention by Inside Whisky over at Flickr. Obviously, whoever introduced the Greyhounds, repented of the new-Cokesque behaviour and went back to the real thing, a Scottie and a Westie. We’ll drink to that.

5 thoughts on “Traitors!!!!

  1. As the owner of both a Black Scottie and a Westie, I have collected many old “Black & White” advertisements for framing. I will NOT be collecting the new ones!

  2. OK..y’all play nice..I know it is a Scottie territory…But I am on Greyhound (retired ) #5…and she is my Scottie, Georgie’s, sister-best girlfriend…they are a pair..he has to stand on the bed every night to kiss her goodnight…

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