Two Scottish Terriers check out the playground

The action begins at the one-minute mark.

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5 thoughts on “Two Scottish Terriers check out the playground

  1. I hope he picked up the “gift” that the black one left, so some child doesn’t step in it.

  2. While we did not see the stoop and scoop on camera, I prefer to believe that the filmmaker simply chose not to show it as it would interupt the cinematographic flow.

    However, based on your concerns, I will leave an inquiry about the situation at YouTube.

    The Scottish Terrier and Dog News absolutely does not condone leaving doggie doody behind except in exceptional situations.

  3. The incident in question takes place just after the one minute mark if you missed it the first time around.

  4. The director has responded to reader concerns about a possible failure to to remove the dog poop. He did not leave any doody behind and says the video proves it: “To all ‘those’ concerned ? about the removal of animal waste, if you listen closely you will hear a pooper scooper and rake hit the ground as I mention the “spot”.. I live right across the street and unlike most who like to hand squeeze it in plastic, ugh, I prefer to use the Pooper Scooper mini shovel and rake.
    And if I dont think that anybody needs to see the poop or the picking up of it either. I think thats a different channel…lol.”

    Good point! Glad we’ve resolved this issue.

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