Westie nabs role of Toto in new London production

Siân Brooke, who will play Dorothy, told the Times of London she is worried that Bobby, the West Highland Terrier, might upstage her.

The original Toto (left) was a Cairn although many mistakenly believe he was a Scottish Terrier.

Over the years there have even been rumours that Toto was supposed to have been a Dachshund, but lost the role due to anti-German sentiment.

Break a leg, Bobby. We’ll be waiting for the reviews after opening night next week.

Update: The reviews are in and Toto’s the star of the show.

4 thoughts on “Westie nabs role of Toto in new London production

  1. TOTO should NEVER be played by a WHITE dog!!!!
    Even if Westies are really only white CAIRNS. Some of the earlier illustrations of the books did show a Scottie. HOWEVER, later ones show a smaller DARK dog (ok black ink)… and most DECIDEDLY CAIRN!!!

    Also in looking at the visuals, a white or even a wheaten Cairn would indeed draw eyes away from the human actors. This is in London and they mean to tell the world that they can’t find a CAIRN in the HOMELAND of Cairns (UK – Scotland) to play a better Toto???? DUMB!!! Try Conundrum Kennels up in Leistershire…. mot excellent and smart Cairns are from that kennes (Crufts winner) as well as Border terriers… even a BORDER would be better than a Westie… good grief! Brits really ARE losing their smarts.

  2. Wow, hope the reviewers don’t feel as strongly about dog casting as you do or this production is going to get clobbered.

    But don’t worry. Here at the Scottie News, we welcome strong opinions.

    Glad to have you back, Mom2cairns.

  3. Waxing nostalgic here…

    While looking for a companion for our Lab, my partner and I happened on a Cairn puppy. [This is what can happen when you volunteer at a shelter ;-)] We had planned on getting a Scottie but as Ellie sat holding the 2.5lb Cairn at the shelter I said – “You know, when I was a child and got my first Scottie – what I had actually wanted was a dog like Toto.”

    Wellllll – that’s how Pippin came to our pack. It was three years before Duncan joined the gang.

    I say: as long as the dog’s a Highlander – let it be. Ya know – the problem we Scots have always had is fighting between ourselves.

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