Approve or disapprove? Dog sniffng butt stationery

We’ll start. The Scottish Terrier and Dog News does not approve of this notepaper. And we wouldn’t like it any better if it was a T-shirt.

But while we’re on the subject, let us just say that Bridget, the dog half of the Scottie News editorial team, does not enjoy having her butt sniffed and gets quite perturbed at any smelling that goes on longer than a second.

Do any of you other Scottish Terrier-owning readers also have dogs who don’t like to participate in this most doggy of doggy activities.

4 thoughts on “Approve or disapprove? Dog sniffng butt stationery

  1. Yay! Cambria's not the only one! She is a very proper girl & does not approve of prolonged sniffing. She is very quick to voice her displeasure with a quick snap of the teeth.

    However, this rule does not apply to my mom's pug. Cambria will let him sniff & lick her all day long….

  2. Macintosh does sniff young ladies but has the cheek to be outraged when another dog sniffs him.

  3. Too funny! My Scottie, Stella, does not approve of butt sniffing either! She gets very annoyed if puppies or especially larger dogs attempt to sniff her.

    The only exception is my mom’s dog max, she lets him get away with anything!

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