Have you sent Scottie News a photo of your dog?

Over the past weeks and months, the Scottish Terrier and Dog News has received a number of pictures of readers’ pets. But because the editorial department had a very bad filing system, we often misplaced them and then forgot about them.

In any case, that’s history, and we now have a much more efficient system in place and pledge to do better, so if your photo somehow got overlooked or you haven’t sent one yet, now’s the time to show the world your Scottish Terrier.

Then relax and catch this Flickr slide show of our readers’ Scottie dogs. You don’t have to go topless to get your Scottie on the Scottie News!

Speaking of topless, can anyone identify the famous city where the handsome Scottie shown above lives?
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3 thoughts on “Have you sent Scottie News a photo of your dog?

  1. On the picture´s left side there is a church tower , San Sebastian church.
    It´s a famous church in the city and once I´ve lived there some very pleaseant years….. The topless clue is true only in carnival parade

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