If John Edwards were a dog…

Moira at Dog Art Today takes it all back and says she should have never compared John Edwards to either a Labrador or a Papillon.

The Scottie News would like to take this opportunity to express our sympathies to the real-life Edwards family dogs, a Chocolate Lab and a Golden Retriever.

More — did John Edwards callously use puppies as campaign props?

4 thoughts on “If John Edwards were a dog…

  1. NObody deserves what THAT you-know-what was dishing out. The old “I wouldn’t do that to a dog” holds so very true.

  2. John Edwards is a human being. We all make mistakes. He made a terrible one. And what does this have to do with Scottish Terriers?

  3. We cover the dog angle of all major sex scandals. Needless to say, it works out best for us if there’s a Scottish Terrier involved, but if there’s not any other kind of dog will do.

    When we originally established our mission, we took into account the fact that it would likely be difficult to find Scottish Terrier news every day, which is why called ourselves the Scottish Terrier AND DOG NEWS as opposed to just the Scottish Terrier News.

    But now let’s ask a tricky moral question. Say the current prez was involved in a sex scandal, would you think it was ok to drag Barney and Miss Beazley into it? Or do you want dogs completely kept out of sex scandal coverage?

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