More on stripping terriers

Dog Fancy magazine’s Dog Channel has an article on terrier stripping, which warns:

Don’t try this at home until you learn how from a knowledgeable groomer or breeder. Beyond the stripping technique, you also need to know the “lines” of your breed to groom your terrier properly. For the Border or Parson Russell, styling is easy because their coats are stripped short all over their bodies. For others, like the West Highland White, Cairn, Lakeland, Wire Fox, Australian, or Norfolk, you need to blend the back, chest, and legs, so there won’t be a sharp demarcation line between short and longer areas. Each terrier head has its own look as well, from the angled eyebrows and distinctive beard of the Scottie to the face-framing “ruff” of the Westie and Cairn.

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2 thoughts on “More on stripping terriers

  1. Hi Anne, I love your site! I have a 6 month old male Scottie pup. I have had him groomed twice so he could get used to it, but asked them not to give him the Scottie cut yet. I still wanted him to look like a pup. They just trimmed around his rear and feet and brushed him up. He looked great. Now, however, he looks like a black small husky. His fur is HUGE…long and extremely thick and bushy. I'm going to have to give him and get him trimmed. Nelson is our 3rd Scottie and I thought I'd try a more natural, teddy bear look with him. I love the way FDR's Fala looked. Do you know how to advise a groomer to do that? Have you seen it done successfully? Is there such a thing as a "puppy cut" for Scotties? Would love your input. Our 12 year old Angus is sticking with the traditional cut…he wears it well. But somehow young Nelson calls out for a different look. THanks!
    Trudy in Chapel Hill, NC

  2. Hmmm, that's a tough one. We let Bridget go Fala in the winter but it sounds like your guy has a much thicker coat.

    In Bee's case, I just asked them to trim her around the eyes and leave everything else natural.

    Our Montreal groomers did it perfectly but when I requested the same in Toronto, she came out trimmed all over and it did not look good so make very sure your groomer knows exactly what you want.

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