Older rescue Scottie seeks home in Britain

(Via the Oldies Club, which helps older dogs find forever homes)

Indy is an older Scottish Terrier girl who is in a Mill Rescue foster home in Boston, South Lincolnshire.

Indy prefers the quiet life and spends a lot of time having a doze or wandering around. She adores her walks however and will walk for miles if you let her!

Indy gets on well with other dogs, and shows no interest in the cat whatsoever. She is in a foster home with another dog and a child and she is getting on well.

Scottie News believe Mill Rescue is merely the name of the group and it has nothing to do with puppy mills, which may be a term that isn’t even used in Britain.

7 thoughts on “Older rescue Scottie seeks home in Britain

  1. I’ve let STECS in the UK know, as I wasn’t sure if they already did or not! Hopefully Indy will find a comfy home. She looks like a poppet.

  2. HiAnnie, We call them Puppy Farms in Britain – glad Indie found a home, was tempted myself but just between residences at moment. Will be moving in soon and new fllat has a nice size garden so most likely will rescue a scotty companion for Captain.

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