Pair jailed over Scottie dog’s brutal death

A Birmingham area couple who beat a Scottish Terrier to death before throwing it off their balcony were jailed for 12 weeks each today.

Previous coverage of this sad story can be found here.

6 thoughts on “Pair jailed over Scottie dog’s brutal death

  1. I don’t think the sentence was harsh enough. That poor little dog. How he must have suffered. I think this is an instance where the punishment should fit the crime!

  2. Those two people are the lowest of the lowlife. There is no excuse for animal abuse. Frankly, I can’t think of a punishment that is harsh enough. Actually, I can — but I can’t type it here.
    At least Laddie is with his loving Mom now….

  3. Someone should do the same to them. They should have much harsher sentences. Let some drunk beat the —- out of them and then toss them off a balacony!!! That poor scottie must have suffered so much and so long.

  4. Definitely not enough punishment. I wish every agency would realize the people who abuse animals will continue that abuse and perhaps move to children or adults who can’t defend themselves. It’s outrageous in our day and age that people simply get a slap on the hand for such cruelty.

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