Scottie News special 2008 Olympics edition

Today the Scottish Terrier and Dog News pays homage to the Scottie athletes among us. We begin at the swimming pool with Bogie, an exceptional American swimmer and jumper.

Then we head to South Africa to watch the grueling training regime of one of that country’s top Scottie runners.

Mac, another American dog and cross country runner, prefers to train outside in the manner of all those famous African distance runners who practised barefoot heading through the hills to school and back.

What the decathlon, that most noble of sports is to the human Olympics, agility competitions are to the dog Olympics. Flash, a Swiss competitor, is a medal favourite, He combines speed with the utmost grace.

Scottie News realizes we’ve shown some of these videos before, but the occasion merits their repeat. Throughout the games we will bring you more videos and photos demonstrating Scottie athletic prowess. Please don’t hesitate to send us your suggestions at

For more Scottish Terrier and Scottie Dog videos, click on the video label directly below.

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