Scottie News wants the recipe for this cake

This wonderful Scottie dog cake comes from Baxter the Scottish Terrier’s third birthday party. We are fervently hoping his owner, who runs the Honeycomb Cottage blog, will stop by and offer up the recipe and maybe Fedex us some cake samples too.

Failing that, we’d settle for some grooming tips since she is not only an excellent cake baker but also — wouldn’t you just know it? — a DIY Scottie groomer. In fact, the Scottish Terrier and Dog News would like to know why these skills so often go hand in hand. Are the cake baking and dog grooming genes on the same chromosome? Any of our readers on the human genome project?

But we digress. Head over to Honeycomb Cottage to see not just cake and grooming photos but also Baxter dressed as Sherlock Holmes. And then you can follow the links — that the Scottie News is completely ashamed to have missed — to Sweet Cottage Dreams and see Duhgall the Scottie’s first birthday party complete with bagpipers.

And while we’re on the subject of Scottie birthday parties, how can we forget this.

Happy Birthday to everyone no matter when it might be.

Update: Here are the instructions for the cake.

3 thoughts on “Scottie News wants the recipe for this cake

  1. What a surprise to see your comment on my blog! I am touched. The cake was just a simple white cake, and the frosting a dark fudge buttercream. I’d love to FedEx you an entire cake. This blog’s author deserves at least that much for all you do to report Scottie news. But, since that is not terribly practical, I will put a post on my blog that demonstrates the how to’s of assembling and decorating that cake. I will let you know as soon as I have it up.

    Thank you, for this post on your blog. I really am touched.

  2. Okay, I realize it took me while to get the post up, but I think if you pop over to my home on the web, Honeycomb Cottage, there just might be something of interest to you there. šŸ™‚

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