Scottish Terrier Diva swims like Olympian

The Scottie News has obtained film footage of Diva, the dog who fell off the family boat and managed to swim half a mile to shore even though Scottish Terriers are notoriously bad swimmers. Well, Diva is certainly the exception that proves the rule as you can see from watching her swim with her family’s other dog, a Cane Corso named Serena:

And while we’re on the subject of swimming Scotties, the owner of Bogie, another Scottish Terrer who swims like a champ, comments over at YouTube:

I didn’t teach him to swim he just ran up the ramp and jumped in. What I did do was teach him how to get out. That’s the first thing you need to teach a dog. The second thing is that I keep a life vest on him till he’s done swimming. He’s never left unattended and when they’re done swimming, I take the ramp down. That goes for my Airedale as well. Although he’s much larger and can stand in the pool he’s never left unattended as well. Oh and they’re indoor dogs. Don’t get a dog if you’re going to leave him in the yard or tie him up. They love being with their humans.

3 thoughts on “Scottish Terrier Diva swims like Olympian

  1. Diva certainly is an excellent swimmer. It is still amazing to me, though, that she could keep swimming for 90 minutes! They were very lucky that day!

  2. I am stunned to that little Diva could swim that long. These dogs are just not built to be swimmers. I’m guessing her spirited nature help her out of that lake as well – Scotties don’t give up. Our little wheaten is little water bug too – we have little pools for her and our lab and you can’t keep her out – of course, they aren’t deep enough for actual “swimming”.

  3. I was worried about the Airedale just standing there on the sidelines. It looked a lot like the Scotty was the favorite furchild.

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