Scottish Terrier gets hot spot on neck and back

This question was posted on a UK pets forum. Scottie News has never heard of this condition before so the editorial team decided to bring it to our knowledgeable readers’ attention:

My Scottish Terrier sometimes have a spot of around 10 x 10cm either on the back of his neck or back that get very hot, it can almost burn your hand to the touch. The rest of his body remains normal temp.

Does anybody know what thats all about?

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  1. I have noticed this in Duncan. It's the ruff right across his shoulders. Where in his head, back, belly, and (of course) extremities are "normal" temperature — his shoulder area will get hot at times. It was freaky weird to see that question pop up. I'd just gotten up from a pet-da-Scottie session and had, once again, noticed D's hot shoulder/back. Logged on to ST&D News and BAM — hot spot.
    I'm looking forward to this thread.

  2. I had a collie/shepherd/husky mix (Bear R.I.P.) who would get “hot spots” on his back. The vet told me to use “Sulfadene” ointment. The ointment would clean and heal the hot spots.

  3. No, not a “hot spot”: not a lesion that results from constant grooming, licking or chewing.
    A better description is “localized fever”. His ears and nose will be normal temperature – so he’s not ill – but across the neck ruff feels warm to the touch. Very warm.
    It doesn’t seem to cause him discomfort…I just thought it was a odd commonality.

  4. I notice the same on my Scottie’s area around the scruff of his neck. I figure it’s just where a majority of heat exits the body, kind of like the top of a human’s head.

  5. I have noticed the same type of “hot spot” on our pooch. I never really thought about it until I read this post. Fergie is 8 years old and has never had a problem with it, so I know it’s nothing serious. I am, however, curious to find out the cause of it… if there is one.

  6. My vet says it can be one of two things: either a way of cooling themselves off, by releasing heat through a spot like the top of their head; or, it could be like when a person “blushes.” He knew what I meant, but no one had ever asked him before so he wasn’t quite sure. But now he’s going to look it up.

  7. I, too, have been seeking outside sources to explain this phenom. One researcher I talked to suggested a connection to vaccine injection site issues. That freaks me a tad – since that’s where Duncan got his Rabies Vac. Until I hear more: the search continues

  8. My Mavri gets the hot spot on the very top of her head – extremely hot, and only once in a while. We used to have a mixed breed Malamute Shepherd and she got it too, top of the head, absolutely hot to the touch. I can’t wait to find out what this is. Thanks for bringing it up!

  9. Yes this happens to my cairn terrier it looks like the person said above its a hot spot on the dog where the dogs lets his heat out. I have noticed it happens to my cairn terrier either when he’s hot or when he gets over excited. He’s nearly ten now haven’t seemed to be a issue with him.

  10. My dog gets a hot spot in the same neck/shoulder blade area, while the rest of his body is normal temp. I’m curious about this injection site theory, as my dog gets a monthly injection in this area and the hot spot was never there before he started these regular injections…

  11. Pipa, my scottie gets the same hot spots on her back, it doesn’t seem to bother her but its really odd.

  12. My mini Schnauser also gets a “Hot Spot” at the back of the neck, just above and between the shoulder blades.
    This seems to happen when she is feeling pleasure!
    If I scratch her in a certain way, she throws her head back with sheer delight then BOOM, the hot, sometimes even sweaty patch happens.
    I don’t care what the “Proffessionals” say, this is definitely a reaction to joy/pleasure, as it also happens when I get back from the shops.

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