A Scottish Terrier rides the Hindenburg airship

Okay, he wasn’t just any Scottie, he was Douglas Fairbanks’ dog, Bobby. Another passenger wrote an account of the voyage, which was dug up by one of his great grandchildren:

The smoking room is very popular-Douglas and Frau Fairbanks spent hours today working over a ji-saw puzzle, in which we all had to ultimately take a hand. Bobby Fairbanks, is a great care. Attractive youngster, runs all over the ship without the slightest timidity and relieves himslef freely to the horror of the stewards, and the somehwat doubtful amusement of the passengers. As to the Fairbanks, Boby’s kidneys are absolutely nothing. I am beginning to understand the reason for the barrage of perfume which they have laid down. Bobby is six months old, as cute a little black Scotty as you ever saw. We have seen few ships and the hours slip by pleasantly. Good appetite waits on dinner or supper. Of course, two hours a day at this speed. After coffee and liqueur we decided to retire early.

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  1. I am delighted to hear that so august a couple as the Fairbanks also had a little man who felt no compunction over blessing whatever furniture or fixture is handy. But I’ll be danged if I let Ozzie know…

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