Ballerina Sadie at the Pittsburgh Scottie-Rama

ballerina Sadie, originally uploaded by victornado.

If the Scottish Terrier and Dog News is not mistaken, Sadie is the mom of the Pittsburgh Scottie puppies, who were a huge hit with readers. And from the looks of her tummy in that outfit, she might just be in the puppy way again. Or maybe she’s just got some baby weight to lose. Or it could even be the fur cut.

Meanwhile at the other end of the fashion spectrum, here’s Ticket, another Steeltown pup:

Punt!, originally uploaded by victornado.

Which reminds us that, given that football season is now officially upon us, we should soon be hearing more about Maggie, Carnegie Mellon’s new Scottish Terrier mascot.

And finally, go here for more photos by Pittsburgh Scottish Terrier photographer and breeder extrordinaire,Victornado.

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