Cambria the Scottie dog collects her prize

Cambria, originally uploaded by artpaw.

And what a great prize it is. Thanks to Rebecca at Art Paw for running the contest.

6 thoughts on “Cambria the Scottie dog collects her prize

  1. Your Bridgett shipped yesterday too! I will try to get her on flickr or the blog soon. I am still working like crazy to finalize just a couple more contest winners. I was crazy to do such a large give away…ha, I don’t mind.

    Thanks so much for sharing Cambria with your readers.

  2. That's my girl!!! I cannot wait to open that package 🙂

    And FYI, that is her "You have my ball & need to throw it" face….It's the only way I can get her to look towards a camera.

  3. Cambria's such a beauty! I love her name and now I have a visual to go with it. What a girl.

    I can hardly wait for my Duncan portrait to arrive as well.

    Thanks ST&D News for the hot lead! We wouldn't have these wonderful portraits if you hadn't reported on the contest.

  4. Thank you Duncki!! Her portrait arrived yesterday & I have to say I am quite impressed. My fiance who was pretty skeptical at first about having a picture of Cambria up on the wall completely changed his mind once he saw it in person. Now we just have to go get it matted & framed 🙂

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