Charley the Westie credited with saving man’s life

The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports:

(A four-year-old West Highland Terrier came) to the rescue of Roy Monie, 61, who fell 25 feet from the roof of the house behind them as he was trying to locate a leak in the roof. ‘The next thing I knew I was in the hospital,’ he said.

A few minutes later Gippert finally gave in to his prodding, snapped on his leash and was heading to the “dead zone” across the street so the white West Highland terrier could do his business.

Charley, though, took off running in the opposite direction toward the cul de sac, pulling Gippert with all his might.

As they drew closer to the two-story white house three doors down, Gippert spotted a man lying among the shrubs, back against the hot ground, semiconscious.

Sir, are you OK, Gippert asked.