A day of strange Scottish Terrier happenings

I don’t often spot strange Scotties in the streets, but today I saw two I’d never seen before. The first was near my office in a small park but I was in a hurry so I couldn’t stop for a chat. The second was a block from my house and I was out on my evening walk with Bridget so had plenty of time to talk Scottie talk.

At first I couldn’t believe it was another Scottie. In the two years we’ve had Bridget, she has never actually met another Scottish Terrier. “Oh,” I said as we approached the dog, “another Scottie.” But the owner of the other Scottish Terrier, who, appeared from the contents of his grocery cart to be heading to the local beer store, completely ignored me and and Bridget. He didn’t so much as look at us, let alone seem the slightest bit interested that another Scottie had crossed his path.

I’d heard tell there was a Scottish Terrier named Toby in the nabe but I don’t think this was Toby, who I picture belonging to a kindly, chatty, cookie-baking type who doesn’t have to speed walk to the beer store on Friday night.

In any case, there are far more terriers in Toronto than Montreal. It’s definitely much more of a dog town. I’ve seen several Westies in the neighborhood, a Norwich, a couple of Airedales, a Sealy, lots of Jack Russell and many more. I hope to post pictures very soon, but in the mean time, here’s a video by the Kids in the Hall, who aren’t all Toronto boys but made their names here.

3 thoughts on “A day of strange Scottish Terrier happenings

  1. I live in Iowa-US and am thrilled when I come across a Scottie (or Cairn-we have both). The terriers in our ‘hood’ tend to be Fox or Rat or (for some strange reason) Soft Coated Wheatons. There’s a plethora of SCW’s in the Iowa City area. A dear friend adopted our Scottie’s brother and we go to the dog park together – last time we were there one of the SCW owners said to me: “Ahh – the Scottie Chicks, I’d heard of you but never seem to see you here…” Yeah-it’s us…mythical creatures no more…just hanging out on the end of the leash.
    But then – I’ve learned my place. I am invisible when I’m out with Duncan. I am girl-friday. I am chauffeur. I am Bodyguard. I’m with the Scottish Terrier.

  2. I wouldn’t mind being called a Scottie Chick. When I was out this weekend, some guy made Black and White whiskey jokes to Bridget. And when I said, “Pardon,” he replied: “I was talking to your ward.”

    I think ward is not a bad term to refer to one’s dog, but not sure a chick could be a warden.

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