Dog voters want a poodle for Obama

And we don’t mean a political poodle either. We’re talking about a pet dog. According to an American Kennel Club poll launched in the wake of the Obamas’ promise to their two daughters that they could get a dog after the presidential election, pet lovers think the family should choose a poodle.

Meanwhile in other election campaign 2008 news, even though it seems kind of strange for a hunter and a fisherwoman, Sarah Palin appears to have no dog. Please inform the Scottie News if we’ve got this wrong and the Palins also have five sled dogs to keep all their kids company. Why, we’d even be impressed with five chihuahuas, but that’s unlikely as Mexican dogs don’t do well in the cold.

And while we’re on the subject of Veep candidates and their dogs or lack thereof, Joe Biden appears to be canineless as well.

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