Found: Photo of Henry Paulson with Scottie Dog

As world stock markets plunge, should we take comfort in the fact that the U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry (Hank) Paulson has been caught on camera taking meetings with Barney the first Scottish Terrier? Or maybe that’s a bad thing?

In this Holiday Extravaganza 2006 video, Paulson tells the president’s dog: “Barney there’s no easy way to say this but we’re out of money.”

Pretty much the same thing he told Lehman Brothers, but not at all the line he gave AIG.

So are Wall Street fat cats more deserving recipients of government bailouts than Scottish Terriers? Well, even though I’m the publisher of the Scottie News, I’m not going to call Hank out on this one. I don’t want my stock portfolio plunging further than it has no matter how much I like Scotties.

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