In Switzerland, a Scottie agility champ is born

It seems like the Swiss take their dog agility training as seriously as their mountain climbing, muddy hiking boots and all.

Hitchcock appears to be related to Flash, whose athletic prowess has also been showcased on the Scottie News.

Venus and Serena, look out!

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4 thoughts on “In Switzerland, a Scottie agility champ is born

  1. thanks!- I’m the handler of Hitchcock. He is now one year old and had started the agility training. As you can see in the video, he nearly knows everything, because he learns very fast.

    He is not close related to Flash, my other Scottie. He is the halfbrother of Camilla


  2. A big thanks for you wonderful scottie’s blog! I really like it, ’cause I’m a proud owner of the two scottish terriers – wheaten and black. 🙂

  3. What an Agility SuperStar! Running and Barking all the way!!
    What a Wee Braw Rascal!!!
    Congratulations are such a Champ!

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