Mystery: Who is the Scottie that plays Barney in W?

When we went to the movies yesterday we saw a trailer for Oliver Stone’s new movie, W. Then, lo and behold, we returned home and discovered in our mailbox this picture of Josh Brolin as the president with an anonymous Scottish Terrier as Barney.

Needless to say, the Scottish Terrier and Dog News wants to know who the Scottie is that nabbed the role of first dog. Wannabe Deep Throats, meet us in a parking garage or send an e-mail to

Meanwhile, tell us what you think of the movie Barney’s grooming.

5 thoughts on “Mystery: Who is the Scottie that plays Barney in W?

  1. He’s a handsome boy. We should just be glad that they are actually using a scottie. All too often dark coloured terriers on film, tv and stage are replaced with westies – jeeves and wooster, wizard of oz and blackfriars bobby. I think it’s because white dogs show up better but it is an outrage!

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