Presley wins Greatest American Dog

Entertainment Weekly has the story. Scottie News was moving so didn’t watch, but we’re experts on 24 and Jack Bauer if you ever need an opinion on that.

2 thoughts on “Presley wins Greatest American Dog

  1. I was a bit insulted that they didn’t have any Scotties nor any close terrier cousins on the show (such as Westies or Cairns; I think the closest relative was a Jack Russell) Okay…to be honest, my dear sweet Scotty girl Emma (deceased in 2001) would have probably been voted out the first week. And no way would she have left a treat on her foot (like Presley did) for more than an instant, even if I had threatened her with a shotgun! 🙂

  2. The Maltese wuz robbed!

    It was kind of a weird show, seemed very capricious and arbitrary. You could tell trainer Victoria Stilwell was hating everything they scripted for her.

    ITA about wanting more terriers, if just to crack up at their stubborness.

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