Scottie Cramp or Cerebellar Ataxia (CA)

A discussion at Nothing But Scotties pointed out this very helpful Wobbly Scotties site, which the Scottish Terrier and Dog News thought well deserved a link. Here’s some of our previous coverage of the issue including video of a possible case of Scottie Cramp.

2 thoughts on “Scottie Cramp or Cerebellar Ataxia (CA)

  1. I have 3 Scottie (girls). My most recent is now 5 months old. We knew something was wrong from the first day we picked her up at 6 weeks. We talked to the breeder and she offered to take her back but we were afraid she would have her put to sleep so we decided we loved her too much and regardless would keep her. Her back leg flip is really bad and sometimes she tumbles and it’s hard for her to get up the stairs. She is a very happy puppy and loves everyone. It hurts us to see her walk and run….so hard to understand how this couldn’t hurt or cause her additional problems with her back or bones later on. I have read it can be stress related but she has it regardless. Is there anything to help her? The breeder said she was not breeding the mom and dad again….I hope not, this isn’t fair to the babies.

    1. Nancy, this seems to be a condition not a lot of vets have experience with so you might want to try and find a vet who has dealt with it before.

      Failing that, you could bring reputable research to your vet.

      It sounds like your dog has found a loving home.

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