Scottish Terriers and the economy

Given that the popularity of Scottie dogs peaked during the 1920s and ’30s, we thought it would be fairly easy to find a story about Scottish Terriers and the crash of the stock market. Not so much. So instead, we bring you this economy-related articlefFrom the Los Angeles Times back two and a half years ago:

Citing the job increase and unchanged unemployment rate, President Bush said, “This economy is strong.”

Bush made an unannounced visit Friday to a hardware store in Washington, where he bought a chew toy for one of his Scottish terriers and said, “Small businesses provide most of the job growth in our country. The small business sector is doing well; so is the American economy.”

This raises a number of questions including why did the president buy only one chew toy when he has two dogs and he could have helped the small business twice as much if he’d bought two?