Scottish Terriers rank high as watch dogs

Scottie dogs may not be able to do anything other than scare off potential trouble makers, but that’s still better than nothing, according to the Home Security Store, which distinguishes between a watch dog and guard dog:

A watch dog often acts as an alert, barking to warn the homeowner of an approaching stranger. A guard dog has the physical capability to stop a thief and guard the owner and his property. Out of a group of dog trainers the top three guard dogs are a bullmastiff, doberman pinscher, and rotweiler. The top watch dogs are a rotweiler, german shepard, and scottish terrier. (A chihuahua ranks 8th and poodle ranks 10th.)

This isn’t the first time Scotties have been praised for barking above their weight either.

2 thoughts on “Scottish Terriers rank high as watch dogs

  1. The first time we heard Angus bark, we jumped a foot in the air! Just one bark, very loud and shrill! Never expected that from such a short body!!

  2. I like that our Scottie is a good watch dog. She can hear a car in the driveway wayyyy before we can. And btw… she may not be a doberman, but I would not want to get bit by her! She has very strong jaws and is tenacious.

    The down-side of this is that, if she hears some weird sound outside in the night (an animal in the woods, a cat in heat, wind making the house creak), she barks, and makes us paranoid!

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