A shout-out to Scottie News readers

A heart-felt thanks to all you Scottish Terrier and dog News readers who’ve sent in pictures of your dogs. It’s taken a while for us to get around to it — due to the relocation of our world headquarters — but we’ve finally gotten it all together and are starting to post reader pictures. If for some reason your dog was overlooked, blame it on the move and please resend your photos, but give us a week or two to get all the photos up.

Getting started, here’s Morris, whose owner Erica describes him as the most brindle Scottie dog she’s ever seen, and we would have to agree. From the first shot he could be a tiger:

Scottie News has also shown puppy shots of Morris back when he looked more like a rabbit.

Scottie News fans in North Dakota include Izzy, a 7 month-old Wheaton colored Scottish Terrier, who’s probably closer to nine months now, and his 2 1/2 year old black buddy, Burt.

Mr. Murdoch of My Maine Cottage on Take Your Scottie to Work Day.

Here is Kawa, a one-year-old Scottie Westie cross from Singapore whose owners rescued him from a Singaporean puppy mill and gave him a good home. He’s a cutie!

Here is Nanci’s Scottie Clanci, who, she says, “loves to swim, but sinks like a rock!” The life jacket was the perfect solution for this boy from the Big Easy.

And from the capital city of Canada, meet adorable Clara, who doesn’t look like a political animal.

Here’s Toro another Singapore Scottie at the office.

And here he is, presumably in his off-hours, frolicking at the beach and escaping the heat with fellow Scotties from the island state.

Here’s Beatle who did a stint as a southern gentleman before returning to his northern roots in Vermont.

Callie the sCALLIEwag hails from Lincolnshire across the pond where she has, it appears, a jolly good hair stylist.

Here’s Artie, a very cool dude. If this photo looks familiar, it’s because it’s been featured here at the Scottie News in another incarnation.

And Artie’s back again, this time with Simon and minus the shades.

William Wallace, aged 1-1/2, is very manly, according to his owner. We believe it, as it takes a guy who’s totally confident in his masculinity to be photographed against a backdrop like that.

Stay tuned as we update this post.

2 thoughts on “A shout-out to Scottie News readers

  1. I look at the scottie news site every night. I just love to watch the videos on u-tube. They are so cute i sometimes watch them over & over. We lost our scottie, polly, on 10-18-10 and a day doesn’t go by that i don’t mourn for her. We currently have a 5yr. on Westie which we got when when she was 9 wks. old. She is such a character but polly was the love of my life. She was so smart and so cute playing and seemed to strictly my dog. I’m waiting for another female, black, to be born from Shady Nook Farms in Boonesville, IN. Probably won’t get her until July. I wish I could get one right now since, hopefully, spring is just around the corner. They all appear to have the same type of personality. I just love them. Keep them coming!

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