Barney the actor leads low-key Texas life

Barney (shown at left) is one of three Scottish Terriers called into action to play his namesake, the president’s dog, in the Oliver Stone movie, W.

This particular Barney was rescued along with his female companion, from a Los Angeles pound by animal trainer Bobbi Colorado of the Wild Bunch. He was renamed Barney to make it easier for him and everyone else on the Louisiana set. Kind of ironic, however, that he had to leave L.A. to get his big movie break.

Bobbi likes to use rescue dogs whenever she can although one of the other Scotties who played Barney had previously appeared in what she described as a “B” movie. Apparently, when the dogs aren’t film specialists it’s pretty common to use a few of them for one role just as twins are often used to play one baby in movies with young children.

This particular Barney, who as our readers noted has a very long tail, did a ball throwing scene which required 68 takes in the hot humid Louisiana summer. Like all the canine co-stars, he was outfitted in a special evaporative cooling vest to keep his temperature down.

According to Bobbi, Josh Brolin who plays the president was fabulous with the dogs as was director Oliver Stone.

When he was finished shooting at the end of the summer, Barney the actor went to his new adopted home with Linda and Gary Featherston of Arlington Texas. Linda was looking for a terrier to adopt and when she heard about Barney through a friend, she jumped at the chance. “We just love him,” she told the Scottie News, explaining that he’s well behaved and friendly and gets along fabulously with her grandchildren.

While all Linda’s friends and neighbours, as well as Barney’s groomer and vet know, that he is a star, he has an otherwise low profile in Arlington. Even in the president’s home state, his breed is not particularly well known and a Scottie named Barney doesn’t attract undue attention. When he is noticed, it’s for his natural good looks not because he’s famous.

Although Linda’s not an Oliver Stone fan, she’s definitely going to the movie to see her boy and his famous ball scene. She’s not surprised at his staying power given that in real life he loves his balls and, like so many other Scotties, has a stubborn streak. After all, those are exactly the characteristics a dog needs to make it through 68 takes.

Bravo Barney, we’ll be looking out for you, long kinky tail and all, when we head off to the cinema to check out W.

And coming up tomorrow later this week, we’ll have an interview with another of the Scotties who plays Barney, Roxie who stars in the scene where the president chokes on a pretzel while watching the Superbowl.