British Kennel Club to review all purebred dogs

The Daily Telegraph reports:

In an attempt to placate its critics, the Kennel Club is also calling on the Government to give it the powers to clamp down on breeders who do not make a dog’s health their top priority.

The move follows a BBC documentary that showed how some of Britain’s most popular dogs are plagued with health problems, ranging from cancer, epilepsy and heart disease, after decades of inbreeding.

Shown in August, it said that physical traits required by the Kennel Club’s breed standards, such as short faces, wrinkling and screw-tails, had inherent health problems.

The BBC announced in the wake of the documentary that it was reviewing its 42-year association with Crufts, while leading charities, including the RSPCA, announced they were pulling out of the premier dog show.

The Terrierman says anyone who thinks the Kennel Club can monitor dog health probably believes the ex-CEO of Lehman Brothers could run the bailout. He’s been following this issue closely and has a very long post.