Can we talk about Chihuahuas?

You may have heard about a little movie called Beverly Hills Chihuahua, which was released today to mixed reviews.

So far we have not sent a reviewer and we probably won’t. Basically, the publisher of the Scottie News is not very fond of Chihuahuas, the main reason being that she has never met a member of this breed who was actually housebroken.

Yes, yes, we admit it, the evidence is anecdotal but it is, nevertheless, strong. Back in high school, the publisher’s best friend’s mother, had a horrible little Chihuahua named Miss Ming, who never went outside and peed all over the house. Sure, cause-effect, chicken-egg, we know it was a complicated situation, and that’s why, despite not having a predisposition to the breed, we never suspected that all Chihuahuas were un-housetrainable.

Those suspicions were raised later when a local pet store hosted a regular Saturday morning Chihuahua club meeting. Every week, the place was one giant piddle puddle with all the owners in denial and refusing to pick up the mop.

What’s more, last spring a Chihuahua owner at the local dog park recounted how her pet had to go out every 30 minutes during winter, as the rest of us larger dog owners stood with our mouths agape. Apparently, the tiny guy used the balcony but, in such a situation, we would definitely have settled for a piddle pad next to the cat litter in the bathroom.

But enough about the bad stuff, including the Chihuahua’s rodent resemblance, we recognize that this breed does, despite everything, have its fans so it must have something going for it. We have on occasion run across some robust larger specimens at the park, who seem like real dogs as opposed to purse pets. One was described to us in French as being a Chihuahua Levrier, which translates as a Chihuahua Greyhound. His owner maintained he was not a designer dog breed but rather a specific strain of Chihuahua, however, we can find nothing to back that up.

In any case, he was a large, good looking (relatively speaking) intact male who was fed an organic diet, got plenty of exercise and had a winter wardrobe that attracted much attention. I certainly got the feeling that he did not pee in the house.

Another point in the Chihuahua’s favour is the fact that Cesar Milan likes them although that could be a Mexican solidarity thing, not to mention that the Dog Whisperer is, of course, also known for his fondness for difficult breeds including the pitbull. Maybe he just likes the challenge.

And finally, no chihuahua post at the Scottie News would be complete without a reference to a Chihuahua Terrier cross. So here’s Pepper, our favourite Taco Terrier.

One thought on “Can we talk about Chihuahuas?

  1. Oh, we are very excited to be mentioned again on our favorite blog! Chihuahuas are really funny, a breed apart. They say that the very tiny wild Fennec Fox was used in ancient Mexico to establish the Chi breed. They are indeed not like other dog breeds if it’s true, since they are not decendants of wolves like every other dog breed… It’s my understanding that golden-colored Chis were revered as valuable spirit guides for kings in the afterlife, while the dogs of other colors were… eaten. In later times they became the darlings of royal courts around the world. I’d love for Pepper to help me in the afterlife, maybe there is something to that! Thanks for mentioning my Taco Terrier pal!! — Bonnie

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