Confession time at the Daily Dachshund

A wiener dog owner admits to putting his boys in Doggie Daycare.

So, everyone confess along. I’ll start. I’ve never put my dog in daycare but I did put my human daughter in daycare, and — what else? — I’ve thrown out batteries. And I just ate a whole lot of Ben and Jerry’s New York Super Fudge Chunk ice cream while putting together the Scottish Terrier and Dog News tonight.

One thought on “Confession time at the Daily Dachshund

  1. When we lived in Charleston, Cambria went to daycare about once a week. It was an awesome facility that always had tons of staff working. I felt perfectly safe leaving her there, plus the owner personally played ball with her for hours on end (since that's the only thing she really loves to do).

    Since moving to Charlotte, she hasn't been going as much because the place closest to home & work isn't staffed as well. There is 1 worker for a huge room filled with large & small dogs. She's never been hurt before, but I just don't trust them to watch out for her warning signs. She doesn't handle large dogs very well & I'm scared she would start a fight that she couldn't finish….All that said, it is nice for the weeks that I work crazy hours & don't have the energy to play at the end of the day

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