Despite Scottish Terriers, W movie tanks

Well someone had to say it; we’re not surprised that on its second weekend, Oliver Stone’s new movie, W, is proving a big failure. No plot, no drama and not enough Scottie scenes. Stone gave the starring canine role to Buster, who played Spot the springer spaniel. What can we say? He probably hopped onto the casting couch.

Speaking of couches, some of the biggest Scottish Terrier scenes in the movie take place as W sits on one, watching sporting events with Barney on his lap. During the infamous pretzel choking incident, he’s even wearing a Scottish Terrier T-shirt.

The Scottie who plays Barney in that scene is Roxie, one of two dogs rescued by animal trainer Bobbi Colorado from an LA pound to star in the movie. Roxie now lives in Austin with her new family and their Westie., Wrigley, an eight-year-old Alpha boy. While friends of the family know Roxie’s a movie star, like her brother Barney, she’s now leading a quiet Texas life. According to her new owner, she likes to roll in the mud and dance, and though she’s settling into family life, she’ll be available if Bobbi ever needs another Scottie actor.

And speaking of Scottish Terriers, who’ve made a career out of acting that brings us back to Whiskie, the professional actor featured last week on the Scottie News and the most experienced of the three dogs who shared the Barney role. Whiskie is an accomplished agility athlete who’s toured all 48 mainland states and several Canadian provinces. The dedication and talent that brought her agility success, also helped her launch a modelling career which included gigs with the Dillard’s department store catalogue.

That catalogue work led to a role in a horror film

And from there it wasn’t long until she landed in an Oliver Stone film.

Interestingly enough, Whiskie’s owner Diane Ewing, had met and talked Scotties with the president right after he was elected. She’d seen Barney being disobedient on TV and when she ran into Dubya at the only restaurant in Crawford, Texas, she took the opportunity to suggest to him that Barney needed some obedience training. Diane also recommended agility to Laura Bush, but acknowledged it would be hard for the Bush dogs, who are even escorted by the secret service to their groomers, to take part in such events.

Oh well, maybe once they’re out of the White House…