Greyhounds move over: It’s the Scottie racers

Last summer we tried to get to the bottom of the mysterious Scottish Terrier Racing Team. This week, we learned a whole lot more when a reader wrote:

Having just read the comments on terrier racing, just to let you know, we ARE the Tricky Tykes Terrier Racing Display Team and we DO use Scottish Terriers in our team. They have been the favourites for many years and we have numerous pictures and video footage of the scotties racing and jumping hurdles in pursuit of the lure.
They have performed at hundreds of national shows and have been the highlight of our performances at Crufts over many years. They have been introduced by several famous people including Shauna Lowry and TV commentator Nick Brooks-Ward. One of our scotties, a bitch names Bonnie, was diagnosed with cancer, underwent chemotherapy at the AHT and continued racing throughout her treatment. She inspired many children who also suffered from the disease to carry on with normal life. We received numerous letters of thanks for her assistance in helping these children.
There are so many stories involving our scotties that it would take pages to tell you about them.
Do visit our website

Hmm, sounds like there might be a bit of a rivalry. Och, those wild and wacky Scots!

Update: Tricky Tykes request a clarification:

Hi Ann,
I looked at the site. Looks good. It’s a very interesting site you’ve got. I would appreciate one thing though. Could you please take the ‘bit of rivalry’ comment out. If you mean between us and the Scottish Terrier Racing Display Team. There is absolutely no rivalry at all. Most dog display teams would try and help each other. There is plenty of room for all in the show world. They are only called the Scottish Terrier Racing Team because they actually come from Scotland. Our team, The Tricky Tykes Terrier Racing Team actually has 8 & 2 reserve scotties permanently in the team so they are always a feature of our displays. Someone on your list actually asked if they were the Tricky Tykes as we are well known for using scotties and very good they are too.