Joe the Plumber Halloween costume: Get cracking!

The publisher of the Scottish Terrier and Dog News will admit that she is just awful at putting together Halloween costumes — be they for dogs or humans. But she really admires those who not only have great ideas but also the talent to implement them. So hats off to whoever dressed their puppy as Joe the Plumber and to dog artist Nancy Schutt for sending us the photo she took. Now, could you just pull those pants down a little for a completely authentic plumber look?

While we’re on the subject of plumbers, if you ever need the best plumber in Toronto, please email us at and we’ll pass on his name. He rocks! And we promise you, he doesn’t look anything like this Joe McCrackin’ plumber costume.

Also, if you do decide to dress as Joe the Plumber this Halloween, make sure you grab the plunger. The right accessories really do make a difference.

Update: A Daily Dachshund and Dog News reader sent in a photo of her Doxie costumed as Joe the Plumber complete with plunger.

Meanwhile a human puts together a DIY Joe the Plumber costume. And I see something that definitely needs caulking.

, originally uploaded by Callazanhanderland.

Apologies to any of our regular readers who might have been offended by this post, but sometimes we’ve just got to cover something other than men and dogs in kilts.