Let’s talk about Scottish Terrier toys and beds

A reader has written asking for Scottie chew toy and bedding suggestions. Have at it.

Bridget, our Scottish Terrier, gnaws on bones and sleeps on the couch although I am thinking of getting her her own bed from Bark and Fitz.

7 thoughts on “Let’s talk about Scottish Terrier toys and beds

  1. Well, Cambria prefers the couch & my spot in bed to a dog bed. If she's not in one of those, she likes to make her own bed out of a fleece blanket. Oh, she also enjoys sleeping in the bedroom closet on top of my pajama collection.

    For chew toys: nylabones, bully sticks, real raw bones, orka toys, & everlasting treat ball. When looking at chews, you'll generally have to go up a recommended size. Scotties may have a "small" dog weight, but they have the jaws of a "medium" size dog.

  2. Angus prefers the couch for sleeping. As for chew toys, they must be DURABLE! He has teeth the size of a GSD! Nylabones and Kongs are what we give him. Once in a while he gets a rawhide bone and bully sticks.

  3. Bonnie prefers Kong balls…the kind that look like snowmen? with a treat shoved up inside. She’ll work on that for hours…but she’s a bit agressive about it to our other dog. You know…it’s hers and don’t be even looking at it? She likes the sofa or the edge of carpet so she can look down the street. We had to remove the bench at the end of the bed and ban the doggies from the bed except one at a time as they were getting terriotorial. If they play nice, one of them gets to sleep onthe bed and the other gets to spend the night in the crate. We try to be fair and trade off. Sometimes they both get banished to their crates. They don’t seem to mind.

  4. Brody (M) and Choo Choo Taylor (F) share a converted trampoline covered with pillows and a tartan flannel sheet. Taylor, diva that she is, prefers very soft surfaces and will fluff up the throw rugs to make them deeper. They both like a leather chair, and Brody jumps up on a leather-covered settee with a hard cushion. For toys, Taylor just discovered that tennis balls, when gnawed to a slightly punctured state, make a satisfying flapping sound and can still be rolled. They both like rawhide and real bones, ignore rubber bones and toys of the Kong ilk. Cloth toys are shredded and the guts strewn about. They are each others’ favorite toy and will tug-o-war over pretty much any scrap.

  5. Mac and Hannah Grace have a custom made pillow top queen sized mattress and box spring on a cherry wood sleigh bed frame with sheets and blankets and a “mam” to snuggle with.
    During the day they perch on top of one of two couches depending on the time of day. Hannah Grace says dog beds are for Scotties who haven’t properly raised their human.
    They chew on Nylabones only.(The solid ones, not the see through ones) I have seen too many rawhide removal survivors at the vet’s office to trust rawhides with those teefers.

  6. Macintosh start off the evening on our bed then moves to his bean bag. He has no interest in his proper dog bed. For toys it has to be a football (soccer) or a small basketball. If anyone knows of a ball that is scottie-tooth resistant please let me know! My garden is a graveyard for deflated balls!

  7. Beds don’t seem to matter much to Beamer. Her bed is pretty much wherever we are. If I am up late to 3AM, she is content on the couch, floor, or her “dog bed” (sometimes preferring the floor to either). When I go to bed, she is near the knees, in the middle.

    Chew toys are a problem. Anything made of cloth may be good for tugging, but not for chewing. She even completely destroyed the Kong tug toy!

    For her, bully sticks, “white” store-bought bones and Kong (for medium or large dogs) are the only things that last.

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