Marin county Scottie dog overcomes tragedy

Douglas the Scottish Terrier survived a tragedy when he was age six and his owner was killed in a car crash while he was severely injured.

Later he was a adopted by Ursula Lindberg’s family where he’s lived for the past eight years:

Douglas came to live with us when I was 7 years old and he was 6. He instantly became a member of our family, and whenever we took him for a walk, we were sure to meet people who knew him or had donated money to the Marin Humane Society for his surgery. It’s been like living with a celebrity.
Douglas thrives performing his daily rituals. After breakfast he runs through the house, skids around corners, leaps into his bed and slides across the kitchen floor. During the day, he sleeps at my mom’s feet while she works at her computer. At dinnertime, he bothers us until someone feeds him a bowl of greens before his main meal. He gets so excited, jumping up and down, when he sees the bag of lettuce. When he is ready to go to sleep, he pounces into his bed and gleefully “dens” – snorting and bucking like a bronco – until he gets it just right. He’s just happy to be alive.

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