New Scottish Terrier book is a timely one

The Amazon product description notes
: “Author Elizabeth Van Steenwyk offers young readers a glimpse into American history and the life of a U.S. president through the story of a loyal dog. Michael G. Montgomery s full-color illustrations capture the indomitable spirit of Fala and the nation and president who loved him.”
For some reason no one sent us a review copy so we’re basing out critique solely on the cover art which we love. And, really, given that it’s an election year, the timing couldn’t be better.

3 thoughts on “New Scottish Terrier book is a timely one

  1. Well – I have it in my hands – and I must say: It’s the best historical graphic novel I’ve read…ever. Seriously, Elizabeth Van Steenwyk’s historical tale of the well documented life of Fala gives a clear, yet warm view to that difficult period of US history. And artist Michael Montgomery’s illustrations are perfect – catching Fala’s trademark ‘Scottie in the Rough’ look while giving him expression in face and body. This guy’s got dogs, you just know it! The best compliment I can give this children’s book is: FDR would have loved such a tribute to his best friend.

  2. I got "First Dog Fala" for my wife a few weeks ago, and we LOVE it. The story is charming and interesting, but the illustrations are absolutely astonishing. We are in a Scottie-less household the last 6 months and miss our little friends deeply; these illustrations bring our lost Scots profoundly to mind. I can't praise this book enough–we absolutely love it. Any Scottie person would be charmed by First Dog Fala!

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