Russian Scottish Terriers need wardrobe guidance

Can anyone explain why these Russian Scotties are dressed like this? After all, I’m Canadian and we don’t feel the need to outfit our terriers in pajama like outdoor garb — even in winter.

What’s going on?

Curioser and curioser. We’ve discovered another video by the same cinematographer.

We’re sure that that infamous closeted poodle-lover, Vladimir Putin, would not approve given he doesn’t even like Scottish Terriers without coats.

Update: We now have official word from the cinematographer. As some of our wise commenters figured out, the Russian Scotties are indeed show dogs, wearing those coats to protect them from requent rain as they prepare for competition.

For more Scottish Terrier videos, click on the video label directly below.

9 thoughts on “Russian Scottish Terriers need wardrobe guidance

  1. Pa-lease, what is that color?! Everybody knows that Scotties are ‘winters’ and should wear rich jewel tones. Help! Fashion KGB arrest these people!!

    Besides, didn’t we see Gregory Hines dressed in that same outfit (minus that tail cut out) in the movie “White Nights”?

    Comrade Duncki

  2. Seems obvious that these awful outfits are either team jerseys or some sort of hospital garb ~ perhaps this group of scots were on an outing after treatment ~ yikes!

  3. Hmmmm.
    Maybe a Russian Scottish Terrier dance troop?
    Racing team?
    Not all the wee scotties were dressed…the ‘nekked’ scotty seemed to be a bit alpha.
    Maybe they are all females and had to be ‘covered’ for some reason?
    One of those outfits seemed to have a bit of a ruffle at the neck line. At first there were so many, I thought maybe there was a no-shedding law or something like that and you had to cover your dog outside. But I see other un-clothed dogs…it appears only the scotties were covered up. The weather didn’t appear severe enuff for clothing, even the people had on light weight clothes. veddy veddy stwange. Prehaps someone from Europe can enlighten us?

  4. I think they were getting ready for a serious version of ground basketball, and those are their warm-up outfits!

    I know it’s not PC but I couldn’t help laughing. They looked very silly – although it’s difficult to completely take away a Scottie’s dignity.

  5. They look like one of my Scotties, but he has British bloodlines. I give the people points for handling the ‘aggression’ — that stuff gives me heart failure. I figure they don’t want to brush the leaves from furnishings of a lot of Scotties, but want them to have opportunity to go outdoors into fresh air — in what would appear to be a dog park. You won’t find us there.

  6. I think those colorful jumpers/ overalls are a great way to protect their furnishngs. They allow them to romp and play like their non-show friends.

    They are serious skillful ball chasers. I am amazed the ball is still inflated.

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