Scottie and Westie go for a boat ride after swim

West Highland Terrier and Scottish Terrier on a boat
Do you see what I see?

Our regular readers have read about Ozzie the Westie and Angus the Scottie in the comments. They’re part of the Pittsburgh Scottie scene and we’re always glad to hear about them and pick up tips from their owner. Wonder if they’ll be watching the big game Saturday.

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3 thoughts on “Scottie and Westie go for a boat ride after swim

  1. Yes, they are my boys. Thank you so much for putting their picture on your blog. We love to read the Scottie News every day! Many thanks to you and all of your readers for the tips and tricks of raising a Scottie!

  2. Just a little P.S. from my boys. They want everyone to know they do wear life vests when they are on the boat and when they swim. We had just taken them off so they could dry in the sun for a while. They love swimming and boating as much as we do!! Thanks again for putting their picture on the STN!

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