The Scottish Terrier as therapy dog

Joseph Harvill, publisher of Great Scots Magazine, writes movingly about his wife Charlotte’s battle with cancer and how the couple’s two Scotties are helping out:

I’ve been thinking about our dogs as consummate therapists as I’ve watched our two do what they do best to Charlotte following her recent cancer surgery. I know those who reject ‘humanizing’ of dogs dislike my saying in any sense what my Scotties “know” but it seems clear to me as I watch them with Charlotte that they know to be gentle and they seem to know that she needs from them an extra portion of their healing therapy.

Albie and Burnsie are any snuggler’s dream. One of my favorite daily rituals is our afternoon nap. Our two snuggle-hounds excel in close-quarters napping!

Naturally, then, on Sunday afternoon following surgery on Friday, when Charlotte curled up in the big leather easy chair in the livingroom for a nap, our two ‘therapists’ went to work. Like all therapy that is deepest and best, their work is non-verbal; it’s the warmth of their presence, the comforting closeness of them pressed against your body and their palpable example of restful serenity and release–it’s all of that and more that make our Scottish Terriers therapists like no others. Whenever I think of Scotties and their therapy work in the lives of those they choose to own I think of my first Scottie–a remarkable dog named Nati.

You can read the entire piece at the MacBlog. The Scottish Terrier and Dog News sends its very best wishes for a speedy and full recovery

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  1. Looking for scottie as a therapy dog,I have medical condition seizure disorder, had a scottie before he was great.

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