A tribute to Begbie the Scottish Terrier (1996-2007)

This is a wonderful, heartfelt, get-out-the-kleenex tribute to a much-loved Scottie named Begbie after the Scottish drunk in the movie, Trainspotting. For more Begbie pictures and more kleenex consumption, check out this slideshow. And here is “MexiScottie,” Gomez Mac Tavish, who was adopted last year by Begbie’s owners.

And the seasons they go round and round…

One thought on “A tribute to Begbie the Scottish Terrier (1996-2007)

  1. Beautiful collection of pictures, thanks for posting them. It *is* fun to watch them try to get through more than a foot of snow isn’t it? LOL. As for the new mutt, he’s an interesting one isn’t he? Those eyes. Did you ever consider the name Gurrrito at any point? 🙂 Windsor, ON

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