Urgent! Stop bladder cancer in Scottish Terriers

Great Scots Magazine reports that Scottie dog blood samples are needed by Dr. Elaine Ostrander, Chief of the Cancer Genetics Branch of the National Institutes of Health’s National Human Genome Research Institute. Since 2006, she has led the search for the gene responsible for the epidemic of transitional cell carcinoma of the bladder (TCC) in the Scottish Terrier, thanks to a grant funded by the STCA Health Trust Fund, the Westie Foundation, and the AKC Canine Health Foundation.

According to the article’s writers, “the ultimate goal of the TCC study is a genetic test that can identify individuals at risk for developing the disease. With such information, breeders can devise strategies that have the potential to eliminate—or at least diminish—this plague among Scottish terriers. Dr. Ostrander believes that Scottie life spans could be meaningfully and positively affected within a decade after the test becomes available. In order to speed this process, more samples are needed.”

Dr. Ostrander is looking for:

  1. All Scotties, regardless of age, known to be affected with TCC
  2. Any Scottie nearly 12 years old or older who has not been diagnosed with any cancer

Read the entire article and find out where to send blood samples here.

4 thoughts on “Urgent! Stop bladder cancer in Scottish Terriers

  1. my scottie just was diagnosed today with bladder ca, after months of treating her for bladder stones and infection she had surgery to remove the stones only to be told today that hey… no stones your dog has cancer…. i now am waiting for the biopsy results,and i imagine from now learning through the internet tonight that she most likely be treated with the nonsteroidal med that i keep on reading about on line.

  2. Hi, I am Rachel from Concord,California. My 12 year old sent in her blood sample for the study. The people on the phone were very nice and helpfull. This is groundbreaking and I would encourage any Scottie 11 years or older to please send in a sample. This is the least we can do for our little ones PLEASE HELP.

  3. Hello All…
    Our Scottie Marvin was diagnosed with TCC today. He is 11.6 years old, a foster dog that came to stay! We do not have his papers, does anyone know if his blood sample would be helpful?

    He will start Piroxicam tomorrow.
    Wish us luck…we love him so much but will not let him suffer.

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